Yin & Yang

„The harmony of Elements”

„Yin & Yang“ are Terms of the chin. Philosophy, they define the contrasts in life. However, one can not exist without the other and in each part is a part from the other. Together they form a unity & harmony and reflect the perfection.


„The Energy of Life“

„Qi“ is „the Energy of Life“ that surrounds us All, it is included in all elements of our lives.

It is the driving force of the drive for everything that exists on earth, it flows around us but is always also a part of us and we a part of it.



No matter what goals and dreams you follow you should never forget yourself forget and always remain to yourself and your philosophy. We are all individually and must not adapt but be a part of it.


Children & Youth

„BE CHILD - Carry the childhood in your heart“

„Carry the childhood in your heart”

„Kids World“ rediscover their creativity, dreams and feelings. Children are honest, open, direct them assess and do not act on prejudices long as you have not taught them. We should be an example to them, but also take us an example to children and us again remember what it means to be a child.

Sport & Fitness

„BE & FEEL YOU - Body & Spirit“

„Body & Spirit”

Feel „your body and environment“ more positive and confident, learn to recognize it, to pay more attention and to appreciate. Remember to be good to your mind & body. And the small, beautiful things and events of life intense to enjoy life.

Lifestyle & Nature

„BACK TO THE ROOTS - Care the root!“

„Care the root!”

See where the beauty “of nature and our environment” come from, earn to care, to guard and perceive them and to see them with different eyes and enjoy it.

Culture & Business


Understand „other languages, countries, views, traditions, cultures & values“ be open to go to each other. Learn to speak 1 LANGUAGE to avoid misunderstandings, it is based on respect, patience, honesty, openess, humanity, virtue & understanding and much more.

Events, Media & Movie


„Use the media for positive events“ – to tell stories that have been forgotten or not seen – to move, motivate and raise awareness about the finer things in life again carefully.

Philosophy & Idea

„The Great Wall``

„Our philosophy & mission
is to find the the bridge between
the elements and to combine them in harmony.”

„Be Qi – Be You – Be Unique.
Be what ever YOU want!”


Team Partner


Cooperation Partner & Sponsor


BeQi Connection

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BeQi Connection
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Angelika Nimbach

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BeQi Connection provides a bridge” between sport, health, culture, arts, media, business and much more.

We are a global, multicultural TEAM of dedicated, creative mind. Composed of professional athletes, artists, performers, actors, stunt people, educators and professionals in the fields of fitness / health, movie / show / media / business etc… Our task in the TEAM is arts – leading ideas together and to join in the „ART OF LIVING”, to provide a „PLATFORM” to represent this, to inform, advise and implement.

„One World – One Team – All Friends

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Through our projects, concepts, ideas we are trying
„to connect  –  to effect  –  and to move!“

We offer seminars, readings, concerts, boot camps, incentives, workshops, show / film productions a wide variety of ideas and numerous opinions.
Also we are happy to support them in implementing their ideas, visions, dreams and projects.
We look forward to a new challenge.

„Be Qi – Be You – Be Unique
Be what ever YOU want!“

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The Unit as an Individual & Whole

Each unit stands on its own as an individual and constitutes the most diverse forms of life, attitudes, physical and mental commitment, experience, behavior, beliefs, opinions, desires, dreams and more.

But even if there are many differences, also arise overlaps and similarities in turn from a unit and if one understands that, one also understands the philosophy of the „Art of Living” and the interplay of  „Yin & Yang“ and the „Compound of the Elements“.

„In harmony with the 5 Elements“

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Angelika Nimbach - Management

Manager for:
Culture & Art, Sport
Kids & Nature Projects
Movie, Show & Entertaiment

Mobile: +49 (0) 176 / 24 92 53 60